Designing My Formal Dress

Preparing the Tools

I begin with choosing the fabric that I want to use. Since I buy my fabrics from thrift stores or op shops, I have a very limited selection which is a disadvantage, but every time I go thrift shopping, I am always on the look out for any type fabrics that I like and see the potential for a future project.
I chose red fabrics because let's face it, it's my favourite colour. I also found this amazing printed fabric that looks very baroque which is the main inspiration and trend of my design. 

I then search craft stores for the other supplies I need such as for the embroidery of the dress. I also have a mannequin to assist with the fit of the dress and of course, a sewing machine.

Honestly, this mannequin is a size bit bigger than me which is disappointing since it's not adjustable. I got this from a craft store that had this as a special, fortunately I was a member which meant I was one of many people that received a coupon to purchase the mannequin more than 50% off. I've always wanted a mannequin to practice drapery as well as dressing the figure's form properly.

The sewing machine I have is a Toyota with 18 stitches including 4 button hole stitches. I don't have a serger which is a separate machine to finish off raw edges of the garment, but for this sewing machine, it includes a stitch that is very similar to the outcome of a serger, but it's still not as good.
After I have gathered all the materials and equipments that I'm going to use for the production of the dress design, I start to explore the design in more detail with the consideration of my abilities, knowledge, time and resources. In other words, I had to modify my design to be realistic to my situation.


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