The Video Making Process


As you (my awesome readers) may or may not know, I have a YouTube account. Some of you may have found me there which led you to stumble upon my blog, or maybe you haven't and you're just a passer by. Welcome. Being a part of YouTube, I have been given the obligation to make videos. I have to admit that making videos is no longer just a hobby for me and it's gotten a lot more difficult over the years, but it's my choice. I decided I want to upload more regularly to gain more viewers and one day be partnered with YouTube of any other companies. I am actually currently partnered with StyleHaul and I'm happy, however it came with the obligation to continue uploading videos on a regular basis. Not to mention the pressure from my subscribers. Don't get me wrong, I truly mean it when I say I appreciate my subscribers and the support, but with that came the expectations that I've always been scared of because I might not be able to live up to them. So, with that said, I thought this would be the perfect time to explain the long (sometimes agonizing) process in making a tutorial video.

STEP 1: Brainstorm

After receiving a certain request from one or maybe a few of my subscribers, I start to brainstorm ideas of how I'm going to tackle the tutorial video. I obviously want it to be informative but brief and also straight to the point. Insert problem number 1 here. I'm not a straight-to-the-point kind of girl.
So to help, I write ideas down on my YouTube diary.

STEP 2: Finding Time

My friend told me once that you can never use the excuse that you've got no time for doing something cause you just got to make time. I've always told myself that from then on. Instead of wasting time telling myself that I don't have time, I should better spend it on actually doing something, because even if you didn't do much, at least you did some. Finding time can be hard with school but I try to record on the weekends. Even though I give myself very good advice, I never follow it. So insert problem number 2 here. I procrastinate.

STEP 3: Preparing the Material

What I mean by this is that I draw up the sketches or drawings I use for the tutorial. I also practice since I like to do things right on the first try, but that also never works.

STEP 4: Filming the Content

This is when it really starts. I first set up the camera then make sure I have everything I need for the video right close to me. I don't want to be stopping the the middle of filming and then grab a pen or something. Insert problem number 3 here. It takes me at least 3 times to film one section of the video, then that problem repeats with every other section in the video.

STEP 5: Voice-over

Step 4 and 5 usually interchange depending on how I decided to do the video. The voice-over also takes a couple of takes before I am happy with the outcome. This is the peak of the process and from here, the process becomes a lot more relaxing and enjoyable.

STEP 6: Editing

I then move on to editing the video with only the content. This can take me about 2 hours depending on my energy and the length of the video. I usually do enjoy the editing, specially once I've finished cause all I have to do is wait for the video to be converted into a WMV file. That could also take ages if the video is more than 10 minutes.

STEP 7: Filming the Intro

I like filming the intro probably because I'm part conceited but also because it's a massive break from filming my hand and doing voice-overs. It's an easier step which is always preferable, however it can also require a few takes before I decide which introduction I like best.

STEP 8: Editing

I edit twice which is alright. It doesn't involve much work and thought aside from choosing the music and adjusting sound levels. I also save the video into a WMV file for the second time which takes even longer but that's fine since I can occupy myself with another activity while waiting.

STEP 9: Uploading

A lot more waiting happens when uploading the video and usually I upload at midnight since the internet is much faster with peak hour out of the way. Insert problem number 4 here. Since it's midnight and very early in the morning, I am usually tired by then, so I go to bed with the file still uploading on YouTube. I tend to think that I'll wake up in the middle of the night to check if my computer is still on and if it's still uploading, but that never happens. I tend to wake up at 7 in the morning (fortunately), but I find that the computer had gone to sleep itself or worse, it shut down on its own. Worst case scenario is that the upload of the video didn't finish, then I'd have to upload again. 

STEP 10: Repeat

I have to upload regularly.


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