Stained Glass Collection - Design 1

Stained Glass Collection

Media: Copic Markers, Faber-Castell pencils, Pilot G-TEC black fineliner and Quill white A4 Multiboard
Time: 1 hour and 20 minutes

I am currently working on a mini collection that I hopefully would expand into a bigger collection, but that depends on my progress. To be honest, I feel like a hipster saying that I used church windows and stained glass in a few of my old designs. I'm not saying that I invented this trend because I didn't. I guess people tend to find inspiration in the same places.
For this collection, I plan to use mosaic as the main print or pattern for the dresses. It's a different take on the Baroque trend since I feel like I've used the gold detailing on red or blue or black fabric too much that I don't feel so inspired by it, instead, I start to hate the trend. So I decided to take a different route with the Baroque prints. On the more high end side of fashion, this trend is very elegant that plays with simplistic patterns, however, in retail stores at my local mall that targets teenager girls, this trend contains very busy prints. I combined both of those characteristics in this design. Church windows as the print adds pops of colour to the dress but at the same time keeping it simplistic and minimal.
I'm not quite sold with the shoe design. I tried to steer away from my usual black platform heels, so I used a burgundy colour that works the colour blocking trend with bright yellow laces.

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