Drawing the Figure for Fashion Illustration

The 9 Head Technique

After sourcing inspiration, it's time to get started with drawing the fashion illustration. This is not directly the step after gathering inspiration, there should be at least a few preliminary sketches. Once the final design (sketch) has been decided, then that's the time to start drawing the figure.
I didn't come up with this technique, however this is somewhat my version or my understanding of the nine-head technique and how I apply it to my usual fashion illustrations. There are so many versions of this technique that it gets a little complicated, specially when knowing which one is the right one. But I've come to a conclusion that the technique is just a general guide in drawing a croquis. Everyone is different from the person next to them with very similar proportions but at the same time slightly different. I found this to be the simplest to follow considering that I kind of modified it to my preference.
The image on the left, is quite self explanatory with the nine identical heads vertically down and lines between each head indicating what body part it represents.
This image is from my Tumblr page.


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