A New Place

There's something outstanding that happens when someone hands you a set of keys and says "here you go!" You feel like you can do anything . Do you know what I'm talking about!? Today we got our keys to our new place!
I've packed all my treasures... and still packing more...
I've thought about how I want our new place to be fresh... With an all white bed..
And, Mike does a good job of reminding me when I get sad about leaving our first place together that we still have each other.
Photo above from ~Beautiful Things to Share~
There's a very GOOD thing too! My sister and her unconditional love! I'm so excited to live with her again. We haven't for 10 years and this is probably our last opportunity. We will have marshmallows in out kitchen and celebrate being together everyday! Oh and did I mention she has a 20 pound ragdoll and a little tabby too? :)
I hope your all having a great week. I'm looking forward to getting settled in so I can read all your recent posts!
xoxo Noel


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