The Flower Girls Shoe ~

I'm getting ready to move next weekend and I'm getting nervous thinking about that I have to put all my papers, paints, textiles, ribbons... pretty much my life in a box for a few days. Before I started packing, I wanted to make a shoe.
And inspired because tomorrow my parents will be married for 25years!! Congratulations, and I love you so much~ Their Anniversary got me thinking of weddings for some reason... but more than weddings... the little precious parts of weddings...
And I thought to myself,
"What would a flower girls shoe look like if the petals from her basket fell on her shoe?"
In my mind, it looked so delicate and pure with the suns light shining through the sheer details.
So I made some paper petals that are so lightly touching this shoe. They look like they were naturally dropped there. I wish, I wish you could see this in person~ The petals are slightly shimmery - just like a real petal kissed from the sun. Now I shall put the important things in my life in a box.... But let me tell you... when they come out I will be so excited to make a mess again! (Well, I am keeping a few things out... some things for a Tutu of course~)


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