Marie Antoinette and her Shoes...

Claudia from The Paris Apartment just arrived home from Paris a couple days ago and she posted some great photos of Marie Antoinette. If you haven't read Claudia's story about stepping into the city and feeling fabulous, you must go read it! I think every women can relate! I loved it.
My next creation I'm working on is a Marie Antoinette Shoe.. I had a lady request one and told me "to be inspired by Marie Antoinette". How fun is that?!
So I have been hunting around for pictures that inspire me. She wants her shoe to be made of satin bows, pinks, silks, feminine touches, a pointy toe and of course, made of paper! I thought the color of the Marie Antoinette The' box from Laduree will make the perfect base color for the shoe. I love how they incorporated our favorite, Laduree throughout the movie! Marie Antoinette wouldn't take her medicine so the chocolate store would have to incorporate it in the chocolates they made for her. The original chocolate shop still stands today in Paris and it's called "Chocolat Debauve & Gallais" When you plan your next trip to Paris with Claudia you will have to go! The aroma when you walk in is so rich and velvety. You will walk out with more chocolate and tea than you can fit in your suitcase!

I grabbed this photo from Claudia, I thought it was perfect as far as textures and silks for the shoe creation... If anyone has a great photo share with me! I can't wait to post my Marie Antoinette Shoe! If only we could wear them and feel Fabulous!
Happy May to all of you and I hope you have a great weekend~


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